Updated AUG 01, 2009

1. Wafer Back Grinder

                                              Disco DFG 82IF8

2. Dicing Saw

                                              Disco Full Automatic Dual Spindles DFD 2D/8

                                              Disco Semi-Auto DAD 2H/6T

3. Die Attach

                                              ASM AD809-MIL06

                                              Alphasem SL9002 8inch Stack-Magazine Die Attach

                                               ESEC 2006HRX

                                              ESEC 2006HR

                                              ESEC 2006PI

                                              ESEC 2007 IC8 BGA 8inch Die Attach

4. Wire Bonder                                            

                                              Shinkawa UTC-250BI Automatic Gold Wire Bonder  

                                               Shinkawa UTC-200BI Automatic Gold Wire Bonder  

                                              ASM AB559A-06 Aluminum Wedge Bonder

                                              ASM AB339

                                               KAIJO FB-128

                                              KAIJO FB-118

5. Mold Press

                                              FUJIWA MOLD PRESS 175TON

6. Trim & Form

                                              HANMI TRIM N FORM

7. Oven & Chamber

                                              HERAEUS VACUUM OVEN

                                               HERAEUS DRY OVEN                                 

8. Laser Marking

                                               EO LASER 9702

9. Tape & Reel

                                               SYSTEMATION   ST-485

                                               SYSTEMATION   ST-495

10. Tester

                                               DAGE WIRE PULL/BALL SHEAR TEST 2400PC

11. Microscope

                                               NIKON OPTOPHOT 300

12. Dispensor

                                               ASYMTEK 403

                                               ASYMTEK CENTURY C-718 ALONG WITH LOADER AND UNLOAD

13. Spare Parts

                                               K&S 8028 SPARE PARTS

                                               K&S 1488 PLUS SPARE PARTS

                                               KAIJO FB-118 SPARE PARTS

                                               DAGE 2400, 4000 SPARE PARTS

14. ETC